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We listen. To you, to doctors, to the world around us. We adapt. We provide flexible solutions built around your needs. We want you to have fun. We want you to feel good. We’d like you to look good. That would make us look good.


We are going to work hard for you.
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  • September 2016 Run Club Packages

    Our 2016/2017 Reebok Run Club packages are now available. Starting from 1400AED for 3 months this is the year to train for your first 10k or even your first marathon.

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  • Urban Energy Introduces a Run-Walk training program

    Have you always wanted to complete a 10km or even a half marathon race, but never believed you could? With Urban Energy, this is now within reach. Our run-walk training program will take you from couch to achieving your dream distance, based on a proven run-walk alternate method. Perfect for those who are looking to lose some weight, coming back from an injury or just starting on their journey to fitness, the program will increase your distance safely in a fun and friendly group of like-minded people. Available as part of our Reebok Run Club, chose between 3, 5 or 8 months package and decide on the distance you wish to train for… Check out our Running pages to sign up or enquire further…

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  • Urban Energy’s new Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching Program

    This program is for you if you have struggled to lose weight but you ‘know exactly what to do’ and wonder why you are still not in shape or if you struggle to find time and have a stressful lifestyle and overeat.

    Then this is a MUST do program for you that will deliver research driven, life-changing, body transformation.
    Lots of you have wasted time dieting, counting calories, eating “fake” foods, and then beating yourself up when you have fallen off the wagon and the diet hasn’t worked.
    Precision Nutrition has been tested over 15 years and worked with more than 100,000 people to develop the most sustainable, easy-to-begin, whole food nutrition program anywhere.
    And Urban Energy are delighted to be able to offer this program to you, here in Dubai, (or even the rest of the world if you have moved on), with the help of PN’s ProCoach.

    Program starts September 1st. Registrations will open on 15th August 2016.
    Get on our presale list now to avail 20% discount on the total cost by clicking on the link

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  • Download our app and make your bookings easier

    We are very proud to have launched our own Urban Energy Fitness App – making booking in for classes super easy and convenient.

    It is available for both iPhone and Android so don’t hesitate to download it NOW!

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  • Laurence Arca-Bathe

    Mum of two, passionate about sports and fitness, yet in the wrong body for my passion! Keeping fit requires huge amounts of effort and commitment but it’s become part of my life and I couldn’t do without it. I played rugby for a ladies team, enjoy running around with my boys and there’s nothing I like more than the satisfaction of achieving something I thought I couldn’t do.

  • Fiona Donald
    Fitness Instructor & Nutrition Coach

    I am patient, caring and understanding and enjoy working with others to achieve goals as a team.
    My passion is to help others better themselves and like to motivate and promote confidence where possible.

  • Rob Forster
    Operations Manager

    I have been in the fitness industry since 2002. I have experience training people from young athletes, people with injuries or wanting to lose weight to seniors as old as 95 wow! What an inspiration to still be active at this age! Everyone has their own capabilities, and with my years of experience I have learned to identify these capabilities for each individual and help them to realise their goals in an enjoyable and realistic manner.

  • Marie Lueger
    Lead Fitness Instructor

    As a certified nurse background, I’m able to make sure you exercise in safe conditions no matter you are healthy or you are having a health condition (diabetes, hypertension, back injury)

  • Samantha Jennings
    Swimming Instructor

    I’ve lived in 4 continents over 20 years and integrated swimming into my life both professionally and personally in every place I’ve lived. I first taught swim in Nigeria where I initiated a swimming program aimed at expat children.

  • Tala Elajou
    Fitness Instructor

    I have trained people in many different languages, coaching all different types of people with different goals in mind.
    Having trained many young athletes within the kitesurfing and surfing industry, I have a dedicated and especially found a love for functional fitness training and balance training which I believe incorporates all movement of the body. My main goal is to inspire people to lead a happy, passionate and healthy life, so come and join me and we’ll do just that!

  • Jayne Smith
    Fitness Instructor

    My varied experience in the fitness industry has led me to adopt a mind and body approach. I firmly believe in promoting a healthy body, we must also promote a healthy mind. I focus on reducing stress, releasing unwanted muscle tension and promoting correct spinal alignment and muscle engagement to maximise the benefits of exercise and lead to a more complete fitness experience.

  • Alex Lawrence
    Fitness Instructor

    I have always led an active lifestyle even from a very early age. My background is in martial arts, I started karate when I was 8 years old and I moved onto Taekwondo when I was 11 years old. Now my main passion for my personal fitness is Muay Thai and I spend a lot of my holidays in Thailand training.

  • Eve Moore
    Fitness Instructor

    Alongside fitness I love food, and not just eating it. I am also really interested in nutrition and the affect food can have on your performance and overall wellbeing. Back in the UK I worked as a health trainer helping people to make positive lifestyle changes, particularly through nutritional changes to diet combined with exercise participation. I have worked with lots of people with severe health complications and love helping people achieve their goals and make positive changes to their health and fitness.

  • Bryn Pratt
    Fitness Instructor

    I specialize in physical transformation, helping people to make drastic changes to their physique and as a result, becoming a healthier version of them. Since I have been helping people to achieve their goals, one of the most popular forms of exercise that I teach is boxing. Exercise through boxing is a great way to improve your fitness, as well as being extremely addictive and satisfying.

  • Meg Moxey
    Swimming & Fitness Instructor

    I think it’s important to push ourselves out of our comfort zone which is why I love trying any new sport or challenge! From a young age I have participated in a number of sports, such as, horse riding, tetrathlon, athletics and football. Swimming is also very important to me; it’s a life skill, a fantastic form of exercise as well as a form of relaxation.

  • Jane King
    Fitness Instructor

    Finding physical and mental strength from being active is something I love to share with my clients. We work together to set goals and smash them. I play the role of supporter, team captain and coach always ensuring my clients achieve results.
    I love working with people who want to change their lifestyle, change their mindset and get results. Given my background I understand the pressures of a busy working life and I work with clients to ensure their goals can be achieved.

  • Megan Kelly
    Brand & Communication Manager

    Being the mum of a toddler I’m passionate about finding real fitness solutions for mums that is inclusive of their children. I am a regular at the Urban Energy Fit Mums and Pre/Postnatal classes. In fact my daughter has done so many fitness classes that she now does planks, squats and push-ups with me. I love that she is learning from such a young age that staying fit and healthy is a normal part of life.

  • Antonis Antoniadis
    Swimming & Fitness Instructor

    I like keeping busy therefore my hobby is my work.
    I love working with people and help them achieve their goals through fitness.
    After all these years working with so many people I know their needs for their training targets.

  • Krisztina Holliday
    Brand & Communication Manager

    I’ve been passionate about sports ever since I was small. From a very young age I have been involved with swimming, athletics, gymnastics and handball. My primary years in education were even focused on sports on a professional level, which gave me good grounds I still benefit from. I didn’t aspire to be an athlete in my later life however the love and talent for sports remained.

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