Whether you'd like to purchase your own yoga mat to take with you to class, or you would like to set up your own personal gym in the comfort of your own home, we can help you with all your equipment needs. Browse through the store, and let us know what you'd like.

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    It's all you really need to have a complete home gym. The TRX Home Suspension Training Bundle builds strength, increases flexibility and develops core stability and power...anytime you want, anywhere you want. All you need is a door, a tree branch, or any number of easy anchor points. TRX Home Training Bundle comes packed with:
    - TRX Suspension Training P2 Model (the same one used by pro-athletes, the US military, and top trainers everywhere. Weighs under 2lbs, fits in a package the size of a lunch bag and attaches in seconds to any secure anchor point. Rated up to 1000 lbs).
    - TRX Door Anchor that mounts to any sturdy door
    - 65-minute Basic Training DVD & full-color 35 page Workout Guide
    - PLUS 2 bonus workouts: TRX Endurance Circuit and TRX Metabolic Blast
    - TRX Mesh Carrying Bag

    AED 997.50 ORDER NOW!
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    TRX Tactical kit

    Contains a sturdier more lightweight Tactical TRX suspension trainer. Also come complete with door anchor, secure anchor point, extender strap, and mesh running pack.
    The TRX Tactical Kit also comes with the TRX Tactical 12 week conditioning program, complete with DVD’s and downloadable mobile app containing all the information you need to get combat ready in 12 weeks.

    AED 1260 ORDER NOW!
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    Grid Rollers

    Ideal for individuals, fitness professionals, and rehabilitation specialists wishing to add greater scope to their fitness, exercise, and rehabilitation routines

    GRID 1.0 AED 199.50
    GRID 2.0 AED 336
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    The TP Starter Set includes the essential building blocks for managing aches and pains of the body. Set Includes:

    AED 336 ORDER NOW!
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    Trigger point foot and lower leg kit

    The Trigger Point Performance Foot and Lower Leg Kit is just what you need if you are a runner, walker, cyclist. Set Includes:

    AED 514.50 ORDER NOW!
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    The TriggerPoint Performance Collection is for any athlete that wants to increase mobility to achieve optimal performance. Step by step instructions guide you through easy-to-follow self-massage techniques on twelve areas of the body, focusing on key areas that commonly cause performance limitation in athletes. Digital instructions via video and guidebook format allow you to manage your own therapeutic self-care at home, at the gym, or on the road. Set Includes:

    AED 551.25 ORDER NOW!
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    bosu home balance trainer

    Your BOSU Balance Trainer is available in blue only and comes with a pump, an exercise manual and a workout DVD with aerobic and strength training and of course balance training. From the elite athlete to kids to weekend warriors trying to stay in shape, BOSU Balance Trainer helps to strengthen and coordinate your body including the muscles that you don’t see.BOSU Balance Trainer targets the core muscles of your body, those muscles around your abdominal and back area, helping you to not only gain strength, trim and tone, but to help coordinate your entire body. It will get you started exercising in the most exciting new way you’ve ever imagined!

    AED 787.50 ORDER NOW!
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    Strength Bags are a new generation multifunction training system offering incredible versatility and exercise application.The only training tool that combines common Barbells, Dumbells, Powerbags, Kettle Bells and Medicine balls all in one indestructible user friendly package.Totally Portable – Indoor or outdoor training on any surface.All Levels – Versatility and comfort suits all ages, fitness levels and training goals.Hard wearing – Soft flexible bags are constructed of heavy duty PVC to stand up to the harshest conditions. Dirt, dust or sweat simply wipes clean.

    5kg AED 336 10kg AED 367.50 15kg AED 367.50 ORDER NOW!

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