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Just so you know, we're not here to break you. Ladies, fear not: we won't make She-Hulks out of you! Gentlemen, watch us build you enough muscle to flex with confidence. We want you to work hard, and enjoy your fitness. Be amazed at what your body can achieve, but achieve it with a grin on your face.

Weight loss ? check

Tone up ? check.

Muscle definition? Check.

Sweat fest. Check.

All with a smile. Here's that promise again.





A fun circuit style class, this is a total body workout focusing on strengthening your upper body, core and legs and incorporates balance, mobility and flexibility.


Masters Swimming

A class for intermediate to advanced swimmers covering swimming technique and endurance.
Participants should be comfortable swimming 200m front crawl. Please wear appropriate swimming attire, and bring goggles, towel and water. A great class to complement your running too!



  • 1 pay as you go single class80 aed
  • 4 Class Pack – valid for 30 days280 aed
  • 8 Class Pack – valid for 30 days480 aed

all prices are inclusive of VAT



  • I love attending the classes outdoors as it is such a great opportunity to appreciate the well-kept parks and outdoor spaces in Dubai. Circuit classes in the outdoors is extremely hard work but also a fun way to exercise. The fact that you are not in a gym with monotonous, dull equipment means that the instructor is constantly creating inventive exercise programmes that are never boring and almost enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, the workouts are tough but exercising in the open air encourages me to somehow give it more and try harder. In a hot country it is a great feeling to work up a sweat from exercising rather than simply because of the warm temperature.

  • I joined Urban Energy 4 months ago and met Fiona Donald, she is truly an excellent trainer. She is the perfect combination of encouraging, yet motivating me to push past my perceived limits!

    Fiona is passionate about fitness, bringing energy and enthusiasm to all of her classes.She places a very high value on correct technique with each exercise and her extensive knowledge allows for a variety of workouts each session.

    Fiona’s Strength and Conditioning Classes are challenging, but most importantly fun!

    I look forward to all of my Urban Energy sessions with Fiona and the all the wonderful Urban energy team that help create a friendly atmosphere whilst achieving personal fitness goals.

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