You've tried everything. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it flunked. Sometimes it worked, then flunked.
Maybe you are new to nutrition principles. Or maybe you actually know quite a lot. Ultimately, it is getting harder every year.

Now imagine you have your own coach. For a full year. Every day contact. Helping you to make changes. Trade your body for one you enjoy. 365 days of nutrition and lifestyle coaching, adjusting your habits, one habit at a time. We know you want results. So do we. So leave it with us. We know a thing or two about nutrition.

And if a full year of coaching is a little too much for you, check out our other nutrition services to get you back on track to good health !




We offer 1 year of nutrition & lifestyle coaching via an online platform.

Lessons, assignments, self-measurements, goal setting, habit development all delivered on a daily basis.
Work at your own pace with your coach.
Only 20 minutes commitment needed per day.
Secure sustainable weight loss.
Separate coaching for men & coaching for women programs available.



  • 1 full year of online coaching395 aed per month
  • 1 full year of online coaching plus exercise495 aed per month
  • 1 on 1 private coaching (1 hour) 340 aed
  • Food diary analysis 260 aed
  • Kitchen Makeover (1 hour) 340 aed

all prices are inclusive of VAT



  • How does the online coaching work?

    Every day you will receive an email, with a link to your own private coaching page. There you will see the daily lesson, your daily habit, and most days an assignment. Reading the lesson and completing the assignment takes from 5min to 20min. Once you complete your daily lesson or assignment, your coach gets a notification and works with you to help you make sustainable changes.

  • Do I have to pay for the whole year?

    Yes, our nutrition coaching is a year-long program. We only have a limited number of spaces so if a place is offered to you and you take it, it’s yours for the year.

  • What if I go away on holidays or business?

    Because this is an online platform, you can access It anywhere in the world. You can refer to previous lessons, catch up on your assignments and connect with your coach from anywhere.

  • What is habit based coaching?

    We don’t believe in just giving you a menu to follow and letting you get on with it. We believe that sustainable body transformation comes with the practice of daily habits. Our coach will help you through the year in mastering good nutrition and lifestyle habits.

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