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The Junior Run Club is open to boys and girls ages 7-12 of all fitness levels. We hope by educating and teaching children proper techniques for running, it will not only develop a lifelong enjoyment of running and exercise, but also help to reduce the risk of injury in later life. Running is a great training complement to children who are already involved in sports such as football, netball or rugby, which requires endurance, speed and agility. Junior Run Club will meet once a week for an hour-long session.

During the sessions, youngsters will spend around 40 minutes actually running, the remaining 20 minutes will be spent on theory and drills. Areas the course will cover include: running technique (stride, body position, breathing practice); the importance of warming up and stretching (theory and practical application); drills to improve speed and endurance, (fartlek training, tempo runs and interval training); theory of muscle activation as well as rest and injury prevention and care.




Term 1

  • September 23 - December 16

    Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 in Al Barsha Park -
    900 aed
  • Term 2

    January 14 - March 21

    Junior Run club is on hold until we recruit another awesome instructor!
  • Term 3

    April 8 - May 3

    Junior Run club is on hold until we recruit another awesome instructor!




  • Does my child need to be a good runner to join?

    Absolutely not ! this is an all inclusive run club and we accept all levels of running fitness. Our main aim is to make sure the kids have fun and start enjoying this great sport.

  • What technique do you teach?

    We concentrate on safe and appropriate form, such as body position, stride, and breathing technique. Often, just a little change makes a massive difference and our trained instructors will know what needs altering

  • What else do they learn?

    Running is not just about running. it's about body control, core strength but also running & racing etiquette, nutrition, muscle stretching and care. We cover all these in our programs.

  • Is this a competitive club?

    We take our cue from the kids. Some will strive on a competitive element and we get them to compete in races and do time trials. Others prefer a more neutral session and we gently encourage them without any pressure.


  • Thanks to the team at urban fitness for a fab term. My son has taken up running for the first time and LOVES it. The communication, kit, variety in the sessions and training tuition have all been superb.

  • Junior running club has provided a fabulous means of Thomas learning to run correctly in a safe environment with trainers..Stef and Tala who truly care about, motivate and encourage the children. As well as running the children have learned the importance of stretching and nutrition. There has been an introduction into 4km races which Thomas has loved and participated in the full Asics run series, ventured into Triathalons and seeing his potential as a little athlete. All of which we are grateful to Urban running.

  • Junior run club is a great introduction to running for my 7 year old. The kids have been learning different skills and techniques involved with running and they really seem to enjoy every aspect. My son recently completed his first 4k race and he was most pleased with himself what a great confidence boost for a 7yr old! Thanks Urban Energy for providing such a fun class with great instructors.

  • Well both my kids enjoy playing the fitness games ( their words) Bulldogs and body tag and the different type of stretches they have learnt.They really like Tala, Stef and Rob. They truly enjoyed all aspects of the program . Thank you guys for making it such an enjoyable experience and for turning the kids into little athletes.

  • Nicolas has just started last term with the running group and he absolutely loves it. He never wants to miss it. Running means a lot to him and I feel he has found the right group of kids and coaches. Thanks to Tala and Stef for training him so well and also having a lot of patience handling his “overexcitement” sometimes :-). thank you!

  • Zain has really enjoyed his first term with you! His passion is sprinting but he is now enjoying longer distances too! He loves it and says that the ‘young coaches’ make everything fun! He has learned so much more than he expected, Thanks v much!

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