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We teach kids to swim from the age of 6 months all the way up to the teenage years. Whether you are looking to promote water confidence and safety, looking to develop your child's swimming stroke, or wanting to prepare your teenager for competitive swimming, our team of qualified swimming instructors can help. We offer private 1 on 1, or group lessons and we come to you. So your lessons can take place in your private pool or your community pool.

We run group squads in various locations in Dubai
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We offer one-on-one or small group sessions, tailored to meet your needs.

1 on 1 sessions

  • 30 minutes (per kid - single session) 175 aed
  • 30 minutes (per kid - 10 pack) 1550 aed
  • 45 minutes (per kid - single session) 235 aed
  • 45 minutes (per kid - 10 pack) 2150 aed
  • 60 minutes (per kid - single session) 290 aed
  • 60 minutes (per kid - 10 pack) 2700 aed

1 on 1 sessions

1 on 2 sessions

  • 30 minutes (per kid - single session) 120 aed
  • 30 minutes (per kid - 10 pack) 1000 aed
  • 45 minutes (per kid - single session) 150 aed
  • 45 minutes (per kid - 10 pack) 1300 aed
  • 60 minutes (per kid - single session) 185 aed
  • 60 minutes (per kid - 10 pack) 1650 aed

1 on 2 sessions

group sessions

  • 30 minutes (per kid - single session) 110 aed
  • 30 minutes (per kid - 10 pack) 900 aed
  • 45 minutes (per kid - single session) 140 aed
  • 45 minutes (per kid - 10 pack) 1200 aed
  • 60 minutes (per kid - single session) 175 aed
  • 60 minutes (per kid - 10 pack) 1550 aed

group sessions

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  • Where do you hold your swimming sessions?

    We run classes at Victory Heights Primary School, Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Zabeel House in the Greens or Smartvision School in Barsha. We can also run personal training sessions in your private or community pool. If your community requires special approvals, please ensure that you get them prior to the start of our sessions.

  • How do you teach your swim lessons?

    Just like a personal training session, we adapt our lessons to our audience. Some children need to learn confidence in the water before getting into stroke development. This is done through methodized play. For those needed more a technique driven session, we follow a more structured approach.


  • The experience we had with our daughter in Stephano’s course was awesome on
    two differents levels :
    – first, he has a very good and intuitive contact with young kids and he was able at first contact to gain their confidence,
    -secondly, what our daughter achieved in 2 courses was terrific, I must confess  she is nearly able to swim now and she is enthusiastic to start a new course and she is requesting for Stephano’s course every day.
    I strongly recommend this swimming teacher and wish to have additional course for
    our daughter.

  • Rob has been teaching swimming to my now 11 year old and 7 year old and we have seen them develop into great swimming.  Working both on their stamina and their technique, he makes the sessions fun, yet taps into their competitive spirit to get the most out of them.  He know when to push and when to let them chill a bit and they have both become great swimmers, a skill they will keep for the rest of their lives.  A big thumbs up from me !

  • We started to deal with Urban energy since last year and I remember my first call to you and describing to you the issue of my son that he got a very bad experience with the swimming pool and it was a big challenge to make him even sit next to any pool

    You have recommended to us Heidi Kurth as she is a mom and she will know how to deal with him and actually it was the best experience for him ever J now Eyad is not only able to swim alone in the pool but also he started to challenge me in technique and the speed.

    Heidi made a huge difference with Eyad and with the family she really knows/loves what she is doing and she is very professional in doing it, it was a drama when she quite to another job however she was very nice in offering help for handover however Eyad wasn’t accepting the idea at all but now after she returned back the smile is back to the family.

    Thanks Laurence for the great help and also VERY BIG THANK TO HEIDI (BEST COACH EVER)

  • A friend of mine told me that we can teach how to swim to our children at home … 3 days after we met Stef from Urban Energy and he took time to discuss with my son and my daughter to improve their feelings with water…

    After only 3 lessons my 4 years old French so

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