Prenatal and postnatal fitness

Mums to be: Enjoy your changing body. Take in the oxygen, stretch and carry your bump proudly. Stand up straight and prepare for what's to come. Keep strong and healthy for you and bub. Move gently, but move.

New mums: Rediscover your body. Tame the pain. Loosen the joints. Find the Oomph. Find yourself. Focus the energy. Win the sports days. Make them proud.




Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness This class is suitable from early pregnancy all the way to around 3-4 months post birth, provided your physician has no reason to limit exercise. Our instructors are fully qualified and specialise in pre and postnatal exercise. This is a circuit-based class, with low impact cardio, light weights and core stability. If you are carrying twins or triplets, this class is suitable for you, as long as we are able to communicate with your physician. Exercise intensity will vary depending on what stage each participant is at in their pre or postnatal period. Participants are welcome to bring babies to class.


  • Pay as you go 90 aed
  • 10 Class Pack 790 aed valid for 4 months
  • Monthly 4 sessions 310 aed valid for 30 days after first visit
  • Monthly 8 sessions 600 aed valid for 30 days after first visit

all prices are inclusive of VAT




  • Is this like a Yoga class?

    Our pre/postnatal classes are an all body workout specifically designed for the pregnant women and new mums. It is very different from a yoga class in that it is a mixture of light to moderate resistance exercise and low impact cardio exercise. We will use some equipment and light weights but mostly be working with your own body weight.

  • When in my pregnancy can I start?

    You can join at any time during your pregnancy and all the way until the week before delivery. We adapt each workout to your timeline so it is suitable at any stage of the pregnancy. Once you have had your baby, you can start joining the classes usually 5-6 weeks after birth, provided you have had the green light from your doctor. For a C section delivery, we prefer if you wait 10-12 weeks.

  • What do I bring?

    A towel or a mat and some water. We bring everything else. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and a supportive bra.

  • Are babies allowed?

    Yes, absolutely and we encourage mums who do not have any childcare to bring their little ones. Everyone is very understanding and if you need to take a break during the class to feed, change a nappy or soothe a little one, we completely understand. We've been there !

  • Is there childcare during the class?

    We do not offer official childcare during our classes. Some of our venues may have extra staff who will take care of babies but this is not something we can guarantee. Babies usually stay in their pram or roll around on a mat. If your baby is mobile, just make sure he/she has a few toys to play with and keep an eye on him/her.

  • What if I don't use my full pack?

    Packs, once sold, are non refundable. In extreme circumstances, If you are unable to use your full pack, please let us know as soon as possible and we will help you find solutions, such as using your remaining credit for other services, or transferring your pack to a third party.


  • I started with the prenatal classes when I was about 16 weeks pregnant. My main goal was to stay mobile as I have a degenerated disk in my lower back and I had several slipped disks in the past. I was very fit when I became pregnant and very much in control of my back problems, but I was worried that the extra weight would take its toll. These classes were a life (back) saver 😉 Amy Saunders – Boshier is very good at giving tailor made exercises to the people who need it in group classes. It was fun to be a part of such a lovely group of people. I am also doing the postnatal classes and these are as good as the prenatal classes. I would highly recommend the classes and Amy! Thank you, Amy, for the personal attention and valuable advice.

  • Joining the antenatal classes was the BEST decision I took while pregnant. Not only did they give me amazing results (much needed energy kicks, stronger body, kept circulation going in my body and swelling down to a minimum) – my recovery from an emergency c-section was really fast and I know this was thanks to the classes. It was also really valuable to benefit from other women’s advice and recommendations (which is the best hospital? who is the best lactation consultant etc etc). Also; Amy is the most generous and supportive person in Dubai. She really cares and she sees YOU. If I get pregnant again, the first thing I will do is to sign up again. For now though, I will enjoy the post natal workouts as I just had my baby boy.

    Sarah F.
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