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If group exercise and personal training had a baby, it would be the playdate workout! the perfect small group training for mums. Instead of meeting for soft-play or coffee get your friends together for a new kind of playdate. This is the perfect mix between fitness and friends and makes working out fun for both mums and kids. These are personalized sessions held in the location of your choice, perfect for small groups of 3-6 mums. The program is designed to run for 6 consecutive weeks with a one-hour session each week. Each session is customized based on the group's goals and fitness levels and can incorporate pilates, strength training, boxing, circuits or dance to name just a few. Sessions are of course child friendly and great for mums with babies 6+ weeks.

Available 11:00-16:00 Sunday-Thursday



  • 4+ participants (price per person per session) 80 aed
  • 3 participants (price per person per session) 105 aed

all prices are inclusive of VAT



  • Where do the playdate workouts take place?

    You choose. Your house, your friends house, in a park: it's all up to you. We just need enough space to run a small training session for a min of 3 people.

  • How do I find workout partners?

    Tap into your friends' network, or facebook pages, social forums. You're bound to find someone who is on the same journey to fitness as you.

  • What if I miss a session?

    The playdate workout is a 6 weeks fixed package. No refunds are possible but we will give you a free baby friendly fitness class for each missed session to make sure you get your workout in no matter what!

  • Can we do more than 1 session a week?

    You can purchase 2 or 3 playdate workouts if you are planning a more intense training program. Each playdate workout package will be valid for 6 weeks.

  • What type of exercise is it?

    Well, anything you want really. It's a very personalised program and as long as the 4 of you are in agreement, our instructor will deliver what you wish. Whether it's boxing, cardio, strength training or stretching, we adapt to what you require.


  • Playdate Workout means fun for me and my daughter with our friends combined with a really good training. We both really enjoy our sessions each week and I love the fact that my daughter sees me work out with my friends and learns that it’s a normal part of life to stay healthy. Our trainer Amy was so professional and pushed us to our limits with such a nice personal touch. I feel like I’m getting a killer body while I’ve also got a new friend.

  • The playdate workout class is the perfect workout in every way. You get to see your friends, the kids can play and you laugh a lot. All this while getting fitter. It took a few sessions for my little boy to get used to the concept and the environment. He preferred being in my arms than to play with the others but Amy our pt always adjusted the exercises so I would be able to do a full workout even carrying him in my arms or in a baby carrier. Eventually he was completely fine with it all, I think it’s just a matter of getting used to the new environment and what mommy is doing. Every class was different from the other so you never got bored of a specific exercise. I found it hard to fit in looking after a toddler and get back into exercise but the Playdate Workout class is definitely the way forward. No more excuses đŸ˜‰

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