Our Team

Our team members are from everywhere. Like you. Some of us are foodies, some are adrenaline junkies. Most of us are parents. We like our fitness, but most of all, we love our life! We’re not purists. We like to have fun. We are real, a bit like you really.

Between us, we speak 9 languages. So we’re bound to understand what you want.

We like a challenge or two. So you may see us competing at various regional events. We may even convince you to join us. Trust us. We’re quite good at making you reach your impossible.

  • Laurence Arca-Bathe

    Mum of two, passionate about sports and fitness, yet in the wrong body for my passion! Keeping fit requires huge amounts of effort and commitment but it’s become part of my life and I couldn’t do without it. I played rugby for a ladies team, enjoy running around with my boys and there is nothing I like more than the satisfaction of achieving something I thought I couldn’t do.

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  • Fiona Donald
    Nutrition & Fitness Specialist

    I am patient, caring and understanding and enjoy working with others to achieve goals as a team.
    My passion is to help others better themselves and like to motivate and promote confidence where possible.

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  • Brett Hallam
    Swim Program Manager

    Having grown up with 5 siblings in South Africa, we were all introduced to sport early and were encouraged to play every sport that our school offered us.

    I was passionate about swimming, cricket, soccer and athletics, having progressed really well in my soccer career playing at a semi pro level, and swimming at a provincial level.

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  • Marie Lueger
    Lead Fitness Instructor

    As a certified nurse background, I am able to make sure you exercise in safe conditions no matter you are healthy or you are having a health condition (diabetes, hypertension, back injury)

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  • Zoe Irvine
    Fitness Instructor

    To put it simply- I love my job. Seeing clients strength, mobility and endurance improve gives me a buzz. In turn I have seen clients posture improve, and become leaner and fitter.

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  • Kathryn Lewis
    Swimming & Fitness Instructor

    I love what I do, I love waking up and going to see my clients everyday, being outside and helping people who want to better themselves.

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  • Alex Lawrence
    Fitness Instructor & Muay Thai/Kickboxing Coach

    I have always led an active lifestyle even from a very early age. My background is in martial arts, I started karate when I was 8 years old and I moved onto Taekwondo when I was 11 years old. Now my main passion for my personal fitness is Muay Thai and I spend a lot of my holidays in Thailand training.

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  • Carolyn Onland
    Fitness Instructor

    I have had a varied and sporadic interest in fitness all my life, but the big change came in 2016. I decided, like many women do, to get fit and healthy for my wedding, I hired one of the Urban Energy Fitness Personal Trainers and the rest is (modern) history. To say I enjoyed the training sessions would be an understatement, seeing the progress I was making from session to session, I began to inspire myself with the results. I decided if I could get such incredible results, I wanted to inspire others to do the same. I began to qualify as a group fitness instructor and a personal trainer. When 2017 came around I had left my job and joined the Urban Energy Fitness team where it all started for me.

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  • Maria Anderson
    Fitness Instructor

    Having worked in the fitness industry since 1998, I decided to fulfil my dream to become a personal trainer in 2008 and have worked with everyone from mums looking to get back into shape after pregnancy through to professionals with time constraints and even older adults wanting to have the fitness and mobility to keep up with their grandkids!!

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  • Michelle Guerin
    Marketing & Communication Manager

    Marketing is my background, having worked for one of New Zealand’s largest gym chains, and in the sports industry here in Dubai. I’ve combined my love of sport with marketing and have relished the opportunity to be involved with Urban Energy.

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