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Welcome to the Rolls Royce of training. In the comfort of your home, or gym. Your own trainer, just for you.
Focused entirely on you, your goals and your story. If time is of the essence, this is what you need. If you are not really a class or gym bunny, this is what you want. Let us do the driving, the thinking and the organising and enjoy the ride !




  • Please contact us for Personal Training fees


  • I don't have any equipment at home, how can we exercise?

    Our trainers' cars are packed to the brim all with equipment just for you. We'll bring, mats, kettlebells, free weights, anything you need straight to your door. That said, you'd be surprised how much of a workout you can get with just your very own body weight.

  • Where are the sessions held?

    We come to you, so we can meet in a park or in your home or building gym. We just need enough space for 2 people to move.

  • Do you cover all Dubai?

    Yes our instructors cover Dubai from the Marina up to Sharjah border but obviously it is all subject to availability. Contact us to find out if we cover your area.

  • How long is a PT session?

    Each session is 1 hour.

  • I travel often, how long can a 10 pack last?

    A 10 pack lasts up to 3 months which should give you plenty of time to miss a session here and there.

  • Do you do personal training for children and teenagers?

    Yes we do. We will need to have a long chat with you to understand how we can help in making sure that your children and teens can enjoy being active.


  • My wife, Adrienne and I have been a client of Urban Energy for a number of years and happily accepted our new coach Alex around 3 months ago. Our goal over the past 5 years or so has been to improve our fitness every year and most importantly have fun while we are being physically challenged. The most relevant way to compliment Alex is to say that we look forward to our Tuesday session and always have fun and are continuously challenged with a varied program built around boxing. We enjoy his company and respect his experience and energy. Those who have not been to an Alex class will enjoy the energy and challenge, just don’t mention hula hoops!

    Jeff & Adrienne
  • A friend recommended Stef to me and assured me I would achieve results quickly – I wasn’t disappointed. Every training session is different – we always do free weights, core and some cardio and mix it up with Boxing, TRX or Tabata and now we are introducing swimming. My weight is down, my fitness levels are up and I have so much energy – For the first time in 20 years, I can actually run several kilometers and I feel super fit. Stef is very encouraging, and unlike other personal trainers I have worked with in the past, Stef is supportive and offers realistic advice about diet and lifestyle without being ridiculously strict. Stef is as keen as I am to achieve results and regularly assesses my weight and measurements. In doing this, I stay focused, having clear and attainable goals! 

  • I have been working out with Tala for almost 6 months now and find myself healthier and fitter, with increased energy levels. The best part is that the day’s session is catered and tailored to how I’m feeling, while still maintaining the same level of activities she had planned. She continues to surprise me with different exercises every session in order to change it up.

  • A friend recommended Urban Energy when I decided a lifestyle change was needed and I needed help. I was very hesitant as the image and idea I had about Personal Trainers was people yelling at you to work harder. A thing I knew would result in me quitting (or using the PT as a boxing ball!!). I am so happy to say that after a short talk I was told that I needed to see Fiona as she would be perfect for me – and I can say that after 2 1/2 year of PT with Fiona I can only agree. The sessions are always interactive and fun and Fiona manages to make me work hard without realizing. No yelling, just encouraging words or fun times makes me put in hard work. That Fiona understands that my weakness is repetition and boredom and tailor the sessions around this is what have made me stick to it. A fab mix of sessions ranging hard core weight sessions to TRX makes it fun.

  • The outcome of my one on one personal training sessions with Stef Phillipou in the gym have really started to pay dividends. Coupled with my cardio sessions that I do on my own, I am seeing and feeling my level of fitness improving significantly. I had however been experiencing occasional muscular aches and stiffness, particularly in the lower back and hamstrings and discussed this with Stef. I was both delighted and surprised when Stef told me that he is a fully qualified sports massage practitioner.  At least twice a month, I have a sports massage in the privacy of my apartment. I may even increase this to a regular one a week session and integrate it with my other one on one fitness sessions. The positive effects and results are almost immediate and both muscular stiffness, aches and pains are gradually disappearing. The other outcome is that my new, improved flexibility has greatly facilitated my one on one sessions, be they be resistance, circuit training, tabata training or indeed cardiovascular training. My gym sessions with Stef also include in depth details and explanations about good technique, which can of course have a significant impact on reducing muscular stiffness, aches, pains and sometimes injury. It is not often that I write testimonials, and this one is completely unprompted by Stef or anyone else at Urban Energy Fitness. I conclude that a regular sports massage session with Stef has had a very positive impact on my fitness and wellbeing and I highly recommend Stef to other clients. My only regret: I am sorry that I didn’t start these sessions earlier. My one piece of advice: Stef and Urban Energy Fitness should definitely raise awareness of this very valuable service. All can benefit.

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