Let us be clear about this. Everybody can run. When someone comes to us and tells us they cannot run, we just say:
for now. With the right pointers, a social support and a friendly class, everyone can run.

So guess what? We show you the technique that works for you. We provide you with support, we teach friendly classes.

All you need to do is turn up. In all our years of experience, we've yet to have someone who hasn't progressed.

Pay as you go, or sign up for a package and before you know it, you're a runner.


Our Run Clubs

Walk / Run Club    

If you’ve been injured, or are at the very start of your fitness journey this is the group for you. Using a proven method of alternating walking with short runs you’ll be covering distances you never thought possible. Goal distances will be set individually and will generally range from 3k – 10k however we can also walk/run a half marathon if you’re up for it!



Zero to Hero / Beginner Run Club  

Run your first 5 or 10k! This group is perfect for all those beginner runners. Never run before? Not a problem this is all about starting you off slow and steady and getting your body and your mind used to running. Be ready to run your very first 5k in just 3 months.



Half Marathon & Full Marathon Run Club

Train for your first half or full marathon or improve your time! Runners must be able to comfortably run an 8k prior to starting up. Distances will increase week to week and then start to taper down as race day approaches.


Pay as you go, or sign up for a package and before you know it, you are a runner.

  • Unlimited pack (per month) 630 aed
  • Zero to Hero (6 week program) 795 aed
  • Pay as you go (per class) 50 aed
  • 3 month pack 1470 aed
  • 5 month pack (last start date 1st of December) TBC
  • 8 month pack (start date 1st of September) TBC
  • Marathon packages add an additional TBC
  • all prices are inclusive of VAT
  • download packages




    • Do I have to be a runner to join you?

      No, our run club is perfect for those who are beginners or who have not run in a long time. We are a friendly, social run club and we welcome all levels. If you are a very experienced runner and looking to perform at a high level, please do give us a call as we may direct you towards a more competitive run club.

    • Do you run throughout the year?

      Yes we do. In the summer we only keep evening and very early morning classes. In the running season (Sept-April) we have classes at different times of the day. Just check our schedule to find the right time and location for you.

    • Do I have to buy a package?

      No, you can pay as you go, purchase a multi class package, or have an unlimited class pack. It is up to you but of course, we would like to see you as often as possible.

    • What happens if I miss a class?

      Just come to the next one on the schedule. We make things as simple as possible for you. Depending on your goals, some classes will be more important than others. If you are training for a marathon or a half marathon, your must-do classes are Friday mornings..


    • It’s just a week now before the RAK half and I’m not nervous at all. In fact I’m very confident on finishing it smoothly, feeling happy, positive & very proud of myself. I would like to thank whole team of Urban energy from bottom of my heart, I really appreciate everyone’s effort for making me believe that I CAN RUN & if I can run anyone can run with the support of a wonderful and encouraging team like you.

      My journey started last September when I decided (my best ever decision in the last few years) to run with Urban Energy over other running clubs.

      Rob you are a great guy: you pushed me in a way that before I could realise I started running 7 to 9K. I can’t thank you enough for all your supports during initial runs & replying to all my stupid questions every Friday morning during the 10k run. Without your encouragement & push I couldn’t have done what I’m doing now, a big hug.

      Fiona, your morning stretch is magical, your stretch sessions are very difficult to miss (I miss only when I travel). It really helped me to run better & helped me to overcome the stiffness that used to incurred after initial long runs. Rob thank you again for recommending Fiona’s session.

      Tala, you are full of energy. Anyone that comes for interval training will start flying, I always feel I’m the newest runner who attends your session, and feeling like baby in front of other experienced runners, thank you for your warm welcome every session. Except i’m traveling I never bunk session. Even if I feel exhausted this wakes me up every tuesday morning. Thank you & I’m looking forward to training with you coming years.

      Lawrence, what I can say for you. You are the boss, you insisted I sign up for RAK Half, a big thank you! You are really concerned for everyone’s well being around & I experience & witness the same while I was having stiff calves.

      My fellow runners who have supported and run side by side to give me a boost and a shout out to all Urban Energy stars and pardon for not able to mention every single one as not very good with the names.

      I’m really enjoying every run & I look forward Fridays and getting up early at 4/4:30AM to get ready for a 5:30/6:00AM run. Feeling very positive in life, energetic, full of life! I see a completely different person from within me just because of running. Thank you so much to the whole team of Urban Energy, you are all part of my best life time memories

    • I had been doing PT session with Fiona for about 8 months when she one session challenged me why don’t you set a goal and run the 10K Standard Chartered. Ready with a quick response my answer was – if you will do it I will do it! So I joined the Run Club and have loved every part of it. Still remember almost collapsing after the first Friday run – I managed an amazing 425 meter before I had to stop and walk. Follow that with the highest buzz of doing the 10K about 5 months later with Fiona running the whole way with me encouraging me along.

      What makes the Rub Club special is a mix of people from all ages and levels. Everyone supports and encourages everyone and we have a laugh and a good time. Having had a bad second part of the season due to health reasons the encouragement from the other runners and the Urban Energy Crew is what has kept me positive and still going.

      The Urban Energy trainers always manage to encourage us, make us run that little bit extra and harder no matter what level you are at. That they also offer a variety of different classes as part of the run club all working towards your run time and strength makes it an all-round package option and not just running. Now about to finish my second season I am definitely signing up for next one.

    • I’ve been training with Urban Energy for a couple of years and can testify to their awesomeness 🙂 I started with Marie and Amy Saunders – Boshier for PT and they are both amazing, but my most recent success was running my first full marathon and I would not have been able to do it without the support and guidance of the Urban Energy Team. They were all wonderfully motivational and empowering. The running classes were super fun and social, great group of people all around 🙂

    • I initially joined Urban Energy as I was going through some things on my life and also to lose weight and I had been moaning about my spare tyre for a few years so I finally decided to do something about it and having not exercised or ran for years I decided why not try a running club as it’s nice to be outside and enjoy the lovely parks here.

      From the onset I found everyone so friendly and motivating but also pushed me to achieve my goals as I needed to be pushed. I have achieved something I never thought I could. I ran not one but three 10k races and the last race I ran in 56.4 mins. This time last year that was not remotely possible. I also lost weight and feel so much better and healthier.

      Not only did everyone at Urban Energy help me become physically stronger but also mentally stronger. I have met some really nice ladies and it has a real family feel and people genuinely care.

      I would highly recommend Urban Energy and I will be signing up this year for more 10k races and maybe even a half marathon, as long as I am with Urban Energy I feel confident and with their support I am sure I can do it.

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