Our adult swim program caters to beginners looking to learn how to swim or extend their swimming abilities to athletes looking to take their training to the next level. We tailor weekly swimming programs which help you to build up speed, stamina and most importantly skill development and confidence. With constant support this program will leave you empowered with knowledge and valuable tips and confident in the water. Book a tailor made 1 on 1, 1 on 2 or small group swim session now!

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Adult Learn To Swim

This class is for any swimmer not comfortable with a freestyle swim using a proper breathing and kicking technique. This level is for you even if you are able to do the breast stroke. We’ll start with the very basics such as breathing, kicking, floating and rolling.


Adult Skills Development

Swimmers who can kick and know the correct breathing technique with front crawl drills being introduced. From this step you will continue to build and develop your front crawl stroke and increase your fitness to enable you to progress to our Masters Classes.



Progression from our Adult Skills Development classes, you should be able to swim a minimum of 200 meters front crawl (freestyle) and have a solid understanding of the front crawl technique. The main goal of this class is to build speed and stamina to improve your time in the pool. Emphasis will be on all four strokes to allow you to have a wider range of abilities in the pool – you are encouraged to challenge yourself as much as possible. Each session is between 2.0 – 2.8km.



  • 45 minutes (per adult - single session) 235 aed
  • 45 minutes (per adult - 10 pack) 2150 aed
  • 60 minutes (per adult - single session) 290 aed
  • 60 minutes (per adult - 10 pack) 2700 aed

1 on 1 sessions

  • 45 minutes (per adult - single session) 150 aed
  • 45 minutes (per adult - 10 pack) 1300 aed
  • 60 minutes (per adult - single session) 185 aed
  • 60 minutes (per adult - 10 pack) 1650 aed

1 on 2 sessions

  • 45 minutes (minimum of 3 people - single session) 140 aed
  • 45 minutes (minimum of 3 people - 10 pack) 1200 aed

group sessions

all prices are inclusive of VAT ENQUIRE NOW!


  • Where do you hold your swimming sessions?

    Our Swim Squads are currently being held at Talise Fitness Madinat Jumeirah, Talise Fitness Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Victory Heights Primary School. If you have a pool at home or have access to your community pool, we can offer Private Lessons.

  • How do you teach your swim lessons?

    Just like a personal training session, we adapt our lessons to our audience. Depending on your goals, we will use a varied approach to teach you technique.


  • I did snorkeling and wasn’t scared, it was the most fantastic thing I have done in a long time and felt I had achieved something, to see all the different fishes and to go out of my depth at some points didn’t scare me was just amazing. I only seen that on TV and I never would have thought I would get to experience it and do snorkeling. It has opened up different holiday places as I can’t wait to do it again.
    I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU as with your teaching and giving me the confidence to put my face in the water I couldn’t have had this fantastic experience. I also thanked my partner for keeping at me to take the lessons, I wish I had listened to him 2 years ago but it doesn’t matter now I suppose as now with your help it has already brought me happiness. Thank you Sam.

  • Even though there was a pool around the corner from my house I never used it as the only stroke I could do was breaststroke, and that gave me backache! Heidi from Urban taught me freestyle and I was away! I love the feeling of having a full body workout and feeling “stretched” at the end. It’s also ideal to do in the warmer months when I run less.

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