Bryn Pratt Fitness Instructor

I have always maintained an interest in keeping active, through my younger years I was deeply involved in sports like tennis, rugby and athletics.
I decided to learn more about the mechanics of the human body when I was plagued with injuries. From this I wanted to help other people the way I have helped myself, not just through exercise, but through a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

I specialize in physical transformation, helping people to make drastic changes to their physique and as a result, becoming a healthier version of them. I have experience in helping a wide spectrum of people -ranging from 18 to 62 – and it’s interesting to see how different people are, yet when they put their mind to it they can all achieve the same results with a smile on their face!
Since I have been helping people to achieve their goals, one of the most popular forms of exercise that I teach is boxing. Exercise through boxing is a great way to improve your fitness, as well as being extremely addictive and satisfying.

Life doesn’t just happen around you; it reacts to the decisions that you make. Let’s give it something positive to react to!

I have played/coached tennis at a nationally competitive level

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