Jane King Fitness Instructor & Cycling Coach

Understanding what motivates people to change is part of what interests and inspires me in my career as a personal trainer. I have a background in psychology and marketing and I am passionate about understanding what makes people tick. My love of adopting a healthy and balanced approach to life has kept me sane and healthy over the years!

I participate in a wide range of sports – for example, often I spend the morning on the bike track at Al Qudra and the afternoon in Ski Dubai. I also enjoy spending time under the water and I am a qualified rescue diver.

Finding physical and mental strength from being active is something I love to share with my clients. We work together to set goals and smash them. I play the role of supporter, team captain and coach always ensuring my clients achieve results.

I love resistance training and the strength and empowerment of being a strong women. Couple this with the rush of a cardio HIIT session and I can conquer the world!

I love working with people who want to change their lifestyle, change their mindset and get results. Given my background I understand the pressures of a busy working life and I work with clients to ensure their goals can be achieved.

The support I provide to clients doesn’t stop at the end of our session. I make sure my clients have things they can do at home, like food preparation. I am a firm believer in the saying “you can’t outrun your fork” and I have a list of healthy but delicious recipes as long as a set of battle ropes.

You got to change your mind to change your body.

Have dived with over 20 different species of shark including Bull sharks and Great Whites!

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