Kathryn Lewis Swimming & Fitness Instructor

I was not always concerned about my health, or weight for that matter. Rewind back to 2013 and I was fresh out of school and overweight, no idea what or where I wanted to go in life. At the start of 2014 I decided to study a Diploma in Patisserie and join the gym. It was then that I was bitten by the fitness bug and dropped 20kg in 6 months, I carried on working out and started experimenting in the kitchen. The more I experimented the more I started to realize just how important nutrition was to my overall weight, health and wellbeing. I did an internship in a vegan/Paleo restaurant, learning how and where I could tweak my diet to suit my body. I finally knew what I wanted to do – help people become fitter, healthier versions of themselves so I decided to get my personal training qualification.

I know no one is the same, everyone will have a different way of working out and trying to eat healthy, I strive to help my clients be the best they can and I push them where I know they can succeed – ‘I have been in your shoes, I know how hard it can be to break the cycle, get up and go to the gym, choose that apple over a slab of chocolate, I have experienced it all and love sharing my story to help inspire others so they never feel alone’

I am also a qualified swimming teacher, and I love teaching my little tadpole swimmers how to be water safe, my superstar swimmers how to improve stroke and how to help my brave adults take the initiative to learn to swim. I love what I do, I love waking up and going to see my clients everyday, being outside and helping people who want to better themselves.

I am currently 10th in the 2017 Woman’s Vertical World Circuit - Having come 6th in the Dubai leg of the series competing against professional vertical circuit runners.

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