Laurence Arca-Bathe Director

Mum of two, passionate about sports and fitness, yet in the wrong body for my passion! Keeping fit requires huge amounts of effort and commitment but it has become part of my life and I could not do without it. I played rugby for a ladies team, enjoy running around with my boys and there is nothing I like more than the satisfaction of achieving something I thought I could never do. I believe in the power of a group and how it fuels my life in so many directions. My closest friends are people I met whilst doing sports and I love the fact that we get together for a good sweat as well as a good gossip. I suffered from the lack of qualified and skilled fitness instructors to help me out throughout my 2 pregnancies in Dubai and promised myself I would help out others on this journey. It took me years to find the guts to do it, but here it is: Urban Energy.

Studied Latin for 5 years and could read it fluently and translate classic Latin texts into French

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