Marie Lueger Lead Fitness Instructor

I believe it is never too late to start caring about your body and start finding a fitter and healthier you. I converted my nursing career in France to a fitness career in Dubai and haven’t looked back since!

Along with my medical training, I use a holistic approach with my clients to educate them about integrating lifestyle changes, weight loss and nutrition tips to achieve results. I have great insight to how the body works and responds to effort, and I will work beside you to make the effort worthwhile.

Actually what I secretly love is weight lifting! I am known for my body builders muscles but will ensure that your sessions are always varied and fun. I also specialize in pre/post natal fitness so make sure the mums-to-be and new mums are also on a journey of health and fitness, safely training based on their level and needs.

Unpredictable: I like my routine but can get bored of it at any moment and decide to do something unusual or crazy at any time

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