Rob Forster Operations Manager

I have been in the fitness industry since 2002. I come from Leicestershire UK where I qualified as a personal trainer, took pre season sessions for local football, rugby and netball clubs and I’m also a swimming instructor.

I love working with kids I think this is because I can be a big kid at heart! I find swimming instruction both enjoyable and rewarding; I teach young children and adults to swim, as well as work with swimmers looking to better their technique.

I am a keen runner and have done a few half marathons over the years. Dubai has glorious winter weather that I love, making running outdoors all the more enjoyable.

I have had experience in training people from young athletes, people with injuries or wanting to lose weight or gain weight to seniors as old as 95 wow what an inspiration to still be active at this age! Everyone have their own capabilities, with my years of experience I have learnt to identify these capabilities for each individual and help them realise their goals in an enjoyable and realistic manor. Not much equipment or space is need for an effective workout no matter what your goals or targets.

I spent a year playing rugby in Belgium.

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