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We listen. To you, to doctors, to the world around us. We adapt. We provide flexible solutions built around your needs. We want you to have fun. We want you to feel good. We’d like you to look good. That would make us look good.

We are a mobile fitness training company. We specialize in fitness. Private or small group training. We are not a gym, we are a lot more personal. That way, we get results. If you want weightloss, muscle gain, toning, or you aim for a special goal, we’ll help you along the way.

We are affordable and flexible. Our fitness advice is for everyday people. We train you at your home, or in a location of your choice. Or if you want to socialize, you can choose our classes. We have something for everyone.


We are going to work hard for you.
That's our promise.


  • Swimming Lessons / Private Training?

    Welcome to World Class swimming. No nonsense. Truly dedicated coaches that really care about their swimmers. Lanes that are not overcrowded. Amazing facilities. Indoor pools for year round swimming.

    An adult program second to none and a masters program for competitive swimmers and triathletes.

    From Baby and Toddler, Junior and Adult Learn to Swim classes up to Elite Swim Squads for our advanced swimmers. We are flexible in our approach, offering group lessons or one on one tuition as required.

    Our team is highly experienced and it shows. We embark on this journey with you and help you achieve your goals. That is a promise…

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  • Fit for 2018

    Do you want to give your fitness and nutrition a boost? Urban Energy has teamed up with Good Habits to bring you an all inclusive 8 week health and weight loss program that will help you shake those kilos just in time for the holidays. For 2625AED you will receive: 8 weeks of unlimited fitness classes, 8 x meet ups at Good Habits to talk all things health & nutrition, 1 Good Habits recipe book and 8 x personal training sessions available 9:30-16:30.

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  • Urban Energy’s Nutrition and Lifestyle Program

    You’ve tried dieting a million times. Now try something different.
    Forget calorie-counting. Forget feeling guilty. Get personal support from people who speak your language. Join our presale list to get the chance to register early for our new Nutrition and Lifestyle program and receive a 20% discount.

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  • Download our app and make your bookings easier

    We are very proud to have launched our own Urban Energy Fitness App – making booking in for classes super easy and convenient.

    It is available for both iPhone and Android so don’t hesitate to download it NOW!

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  • Laurence Arca-Bathe

    Mum of two, passionate about sports and fitness, yet in the wrong body for my passion! Keeping fit requires huge amounts of effort and commitment but it’s become part of my life and I couldn’t do without it. I played rugby for a ladies team, enjoy running around with my boys and there is nothing I like more than the satisfaction of achieving something I thought I couldn’t do.

  • Brett Hallam
    Swim Program Manager

    Having grown up with 5 siblings in South Africa, we were all introduced to sport early and were encouraged to play every sport that our school offered us.

    I was passionate about swimming, cricket, soccer and athletics, having progressed really well in my soccer career playing at a semi pro level, and swimming at a provincial level.

  • Kathryn Lewis
    Swimming & Fitness Instructor

    I love what I do, I love waking up and going to see my clients everyday, being outside and helping people who want to better themselves.

  • Alex Lawrence
    Fitness Instructor & Muay Thai/Kickboxing Coach

    I have always led an active lifestyle even from a very early age. My background is in martial arts, I started karate when I was 8 years old and I moved onto Taekwondo when I was 11 years old. Now my main passion for my personal fitness is Muay Thai and I spend a lot of my holidays in Thailand training.

  • Michelle Guerin
    Marketing & Communication Manager

    Marketing is my background, having worked for one of New Zealand’s largest gym chains, and in the sports industry here in Dubai. I’ve combined my love of sport with marketing and have relished the opportunity to be involved with Urban Energy.

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